Welcome Message

Dear MRISA Arts Exchange & STEAM participants, 

Welcome to International School of Ho Chi Minh City and our recently opened Secondary Campus. We are privileged to concurrently host MRISA AX and the inaugural MRISA STEAM events over this weekend. We sincerely hope that you all have a rewarding and exciting experience where you challenge yourselves to go deeper and think critically about how important both these aspects of modern society are being developed. Such experiences offer you the opportunity to develop new friendships or rekindle old ones whilst creating lasting memories that endure; once that you will share with others for years to come. I am constantly reminded of this when talking to international school alumni who regularly meet up at universities and talk about their wonderful connections through such events as MRISA AX or STEAM.

Being able to create and problem solve over the next few days with a diverse group of people will help you develop critical skills and important personal attributes that you will undoubtedly utilise in years to come. To make the most of these few days be prepared to take risks, collaborate and really make a difference in the lives of those around you. It is as if you are emerging into a whole new world. 

You will find our entire community to be wonderfully supportive of all visitors and I take this chance to say think you to Ms Katharine Ferguson, Mr Deryck Ashcroft and Mr Matt Gollins and all our support staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth and successful running of these events. 

Have a wonderful few days at ISHCMC as you share in a new experience of creativity and problem-solving. 

All the best, 

Phil Rogers

Secondary Principal at International School Ho Chi Minh City