Specialist Workshops


Dance through time - swing emerging as a dance style and then developing and morphing into the contemporary swing with hip-hop elements. Flash mob style, alternating between student choreography (solo swing moves) then set choreography partner work when each group joins in, there needs to be an even number of students to have all paired up.

Student-led Workshops

Passion is Dance - UNIS Hanoi

Yo, never thought we'd see you here. Let's cut to the chase. We don't deal with people that run forward with no passion. Come with us on a journey to discover your personal dance style, and you won’t regret it. Whether it is a singular style or a mixture of different genres. Find out where your passion lies and learn another style you never would have thought of before. Come in with an open mind and try something new. Our workshop will end with mashing up all styles from the session into one BIG crazy sequence to create something cool. Participate in this amazing workshop and try out dance styles you may have never tried before. Come out to emerge yourself in the world of dance.

Feel the Beat - SSIS

Join us to learn dances of A REMIX of: "Playing with Fire", "Gashina", "Lip and Hip", "Bang Bang" We prefer that you have some experience with dancing since the dances are intermediate level. We hope you will have fun dancing with us! 


Mash Up and Emerge - VIS

A dance choreography workshop which explores the mashing up of two dance styles to create a unique performance. The dance will be partly taught and partly collaborative.

Urban New Style - ISHCMC

(Intermediate to Advanced) The style is called urban choreography new style. I have 2 choreographies between Havana by Camila Cabelo (Nitsuga remix) or How Long by Charlie Puth (Jerry Folk Remix).

K-Pop Emerge - ISHCMC

The workshop is going to teaching basic and fun dance moves. KPOP dances are also included if we want to dance.