Specialist Workshops

Foley Sound Workshop

Foley sound is the art of manually creating and reproducing everyday sounds and sound effects. They are often added in the postproduction stage to media such as film and television shows. Foley artists ability to be creative with sound means that original sound effects can be enhanced, replaced or intensified to suit the needs of the production.

Emerging into One

X Students -> X Theaters -> X Characters. Students will receive/choose a typical character from a specific theater genre or author (Commedia Dell’Arte, Absurd, Boulevard, Greek, Brechtian, Shakespearian, Molière’s, etc.). They will first individually work on it, build a background story, and then work collaboratively on colliding these characters' stories into one, with a common goal, based on a stimulus.

Student-led Workshops

Let's get physical! - SSIS

This is a workshop used for students to step out of their comfort zone with the use of masks and props. We focus on body language and how to convey emotions without speaking. Additionally, we allow students to practice their improvisation and interact with one another.

Unexpected Fairytales - VIS

This improvisation workshop will consist of fun drama games about fairytale characters and relationships within these characters. The goal of the workshop is to improvise scenes of theatre considering well-known fairytale characters with a twist, including using different types of music, situations and personality types.

Emerge Improv - ISHCMC

Let your inner actor EMERGES by joining “Improv.” Improvisation, or Improv is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. Improv is spontaneous, entertaining, and fun. But like all great things, you’ll have to see it first hand to fully experience and appreciate it. Improvisation can help you be more confident and think outside of the box. This activity encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and be creative in your own way. You will be put into a situation not knowing what is going to happen next, you will apply the dramatic techniques in the act, also with your creativity and imagination. You would also get to have fun and make new friends and form new relationships with your co-actors.