Specialist Workshops

Contemporary Bands Emerge To Release Hit Song

Students are asked by a hypothetical record label that their band needs to emerge and release a new hit song. To do this they need to choose a song, rehearse it, record it in one single session (on day 2), edit, mix and master it using a DAW.

Evolution of Music “Transformations”

Orchestra Students will be given melody of Section A and Section B and an accompaniment section from Libertango by Astor Piazzolla. Students then will have to find out how to arrange/transform it, using ideas from different music styles and genres by changing meter, improvising melodic sections and an accompaniment, adding dynamics and articulation. 

Funkytown Jazz Band

In this group students will explore creating and performing through jazz. Students will perform some standard charts and also work on improvisation. Materials can be developed for any level and all instrumentalists are welcome. If notice is given, vocalists can also be included.

Student-led Workshops

Stomp-Band - ISHCMC

Stomp-Band where they collaborate to come up with cool drumming beats. Our objective is to get the members learn how to collaborate with other musicians to make music with one another as well as to get hold of good rhythmic skills. Moreover, we also included a small composition slot to have them get creative and create their own music whilst working alongside other musicians.

Compose Your Music - UNIS Hanoi

The activity will be to compose a piece of music that relates to the emerging pictures of dots. Throughout this activity, students will be able to learn specifically on composing with different key signatures, dynamic expressions, and conveying their emotions throughout the composition.

Pop-song Parody - VIS

Idea for the workshop is that the students (in a group) need to create lyrics according to 3 cards we give them. One card has a melody of a pop-song which they will make the lyrics for (famous ones), another card has a word they have to include (such as Emerge!), and the last card has a sound they have to include (such as a frog croaking)The i

4 Notes - ISHCMC

4 notes may not be enough but to emerge from them into an entire piece of music is an interesting adventure. Join our workshop to learn about the arts of classical music composition, where you will learn how to go from the simplest stuff: 4 notes, and make them into a classical-styled solo piano piece. At least 1.5 years of experience in piano will be needed.