To develop blueprints of a design (two copies) and build a boat out of cardboard and adhesive tape that is capable of holding up to two people and can be launched and paddled across a pool.


  • Research is allowed and encouraged at schools before the event to find the ‘best’ form that a boat can take.
  • Teams are allowed to bring specialist equipment and tools from their schools (travel restrictions will apply).
  • Teams will be required to bring their own materials to ‘create the school image’ on their design eg. flag, emblem, (paint, coloured paper, etc will be supplied by ISHCMC)


Tools and Material Supplied By ISHCMC:

  • 10 recycled cardboard boxes approx 500mm cubic dimensions (exact sizes to be announced)
  • 2 rolls of duct tape
  • 2 roll of standard box packaging tape
  • 2 metres of pvc pipe (20mm diametre)
  • 1 half sheet of blue foam 1 inch thickness (A1 size)
  • Cutting devices (utility knife, box cutters, retractable blade Exacto-knife)
  • Pencils/pens/markers
  • Rulers - meter ruler, 30cm ruler, etc

Supplied by teams:

  • Suitable attire to race in pool
  • Boat design sketch (two copies)
  • Material for presentation of boat (school/country merchandising material etc)

Optionally supplied by teams:

  • Decorations to enhance the appearance, e.g. tape, flag, emblem/logo, stickers, etc. (no paint or materials unsuitable for pool)
  • Straight or angled edges (30, 60, 90 degree angles)
  • Specific tape measures, a compass and/or protractor

Race Rules and Regulations


  1. All team members racing must be able to swim proficiently ie at least 50m and obey all instructions from the life guards.
  2. At the team’s discretion, one (1) or two (2) team members may race the boat and it must be the racer(s) declared during the construction phase.
  3. Only kneeling or sitting in the boat will be permitted during the speed and weight challenges.
  4. Teams will be given two commands: a. “Racers Ready” teams will make eye contact with the starter b. “Boats in the water and Racers in the boat” teams will have up to 30 seconds to climb into their boats and position the boat.
  5. After 30 seconds or when all teams in the heat are ready (whichever comes first) a whistle will blow signaling the start of the race.
  6. Up to three (3) team members on the pool deck are allowed to steady and hold the boat for the start of the race. Teachers may not assist.
  7. If team members on the deck push the boat at the start or allow the boat to drift away from the edge, a five (5) seconds penalty will be added to the time.
  8. Only the racers’ hands, along with devices constructed of provided materials, may be used to propel the boat.
  9. Team members must enter and exit the boat from the ends of the pool – not the sides of the pool deck. This will help ensure that teams designated to the middle lane are not at a disadvantage.
  10. Racers are responsible for avoiding any obstacles in their designated lane (i.e. buoys, ladders, and submerged stairs). Times will not be adjusted if a boat becomes ‘hung-up’ on an obstacle.