Junior Challenge “Lego EV3 Robots”

Event 1: Knockout Sumo tournament

Each team will build a Lego EV3 Robot and programmed with Mindstorms. The robots will imitate Sumo wrestling to push the other robot out of the Dohyō. 

Full Rules and details here:

Modified from  SuGO™ – Sumo Wrestling LEGO MINDSTORMS robots regulations and game play.

Playing Field Specifications

The playing field is a raised circle with the dimensions as shown below:

  • Diameter: 1200 mm
  • Border line: 20 mm
  • We will have two practice playing fields and a competition playing field
  • The top surface is flat and smooth. The surface is black.
  • The outer edge of the field, the outer borderline, is a white circular ring.  
  • Full Rules and details here:

Event 2: 10 meter dash

  • Robot built with Gears, Torque and Weight in mind. 

Event 3: Obstacle course

  • Using sensors and or programming to navigate a path through a short maze of obstacles.

What schools will prepare and bring:

  • Each school would need to bring an EV3 robot that has been assembled ready for the ‘Ultimate Tournament’. If a school does not have the pack ISHCMC will provide a kit to be able to be used.

Guidelines: Robots should not exceed 2 Kgs, 6V, 6 moving parts, EV3 kit with expansion kit