Component 2:

Cultural exchange and design challenge

Lots of collaboration, sharing,cultural exchange and hopefully fun!


As proposed, all students from the senior teams will be divided into mixed teams across all the schools. Some warm-up team building activities to start. The challenge will be looking at creating a ‘passive amplifier’ but not limited to. But it may be worth sharing with your senior students this to get some background knowledge on sound amplification (passively), multifunctional design and construction methods with a range of workshop tools and materials. Also an opportunity to implement Upcycling with products/materials they buy from the market.

Teams will have time to develop ideas, consider materials and equipment available to create solutions.

We will then be transported to a local market and be provided a good 'budget', create prototypes of product/s involving repurposing and manufacturing. Also they need to consider the ARTS element of STEAM with displaying their process work and marketing their product so may purchase materials for presentation. 

Over Day 2 and Day 3 students work together to share their skills and knowledge in the design process to design, plan and physically create prototypes/products leading to a presentation on the final day.

As mentioned, due to limited workshop space this challenge will run in conjunction with smaller ‘maker challenges’ over the Friday and Saturday.

Introduction the design challenge, tour of Design Labs and creative spaces and resources to use and design specifications / rubrics. A  surprise 'design challenge’ will be given to teams and 

ISHCMC will provide a range of typical prototyping materials and DT rooms with plenty of typical workshop equipment for wood/plastics manipulation.

 Teams will set up display of all work and present to a 'judging panel' (one from each school).  All 'coaches' can support (safety and skills) where needed and be part of judging/grading the challenge. Points awarded to the team for this section will go to schools of the individuals in these teams and added to the overall Senior STEAM award.


Category Maximum Points
Quality of Construction 10
Planning and Design 10
Teamwork and Team Spirit (via presentation and throughout the challenge ) 10
Visual Appeal (Presentation Display) 10
Innovation, form & function of product 10
Total 50